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Wee Comm : First Baron Residences For Sale
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2 Bedroom ₱ 9,500,000 100 sqm

Tired of your old home? Do you need a new environment with a refreshing, warm ambiance?  Excited to live in a new home where you are near all the comforts and conveniences? Do you want an area where you can also work at the same time?  Don’t fret as the FIRST BARON RESIDENCES is an ideal place to be in so what are you waiting for?  Imagine living in a friendly community where there are good schools, hospitals, churches, shopping centers and dining places around your midst. Isn’t that a valid reason enough to convince you to stay here? 

This property is a good, worthy and judicious investment. Your hard-earned income and savings will go a long way here, as surely this piece of residential condominium will appreciate over the years. With your budget, talk it out with an accredited WEECOM broker or agent who can help you decide and choose the best option for your needs.  Whatever it is, there is a choice unit for you and your love ones. You just have to specify what your “go-to-lists” are so the agent can look what’s best for you. 

We all hustle our way to reach our dreams and goals.  We make sure that at the end of the day, what we’ve worked out for will be well rewarded in the end. We have life goals, personal goals, family goals, career goals and yes, home goals. Are your home goals in harmony with that perfect dream home that you’ve been longing all along?  After all, when everything has been achieved and accomplished – the rewards are priceless. Your significant other and your family are behind you all the way, all the time, so they too will be just as happy and delighted. 

Whatever your dreams are, make it happen. It’s all possible with your passion, focus and determination.  Let that dream linger on and do what you can to fulfill it. The home of your dreams may be just within your reach  - an option to think about is to make it where modern luxurious living is combined with practicality and functionality. At the FIRST BARON RESIDENCES, you’d be sure that whatever you dream on would be a reality in no time. Maybe more than what you expect. Maybe more than what you dream for. But isn’t life always full of surprises? This home – your perfect dream home, will indeed surprise and charm you to no end. Just wait and see…everything will come up as what you’ve dreamed on all along. Isn’t life good?

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