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What your residential property offers as their facilities and amenities is something to watch out for.  Aside from a warm and friendly community, the excellent facilities will certainly add a touch to how you will be able to enjoy and maximize your place. Of course, first-rate amenities will offer you a home more than the average and will excite you to stay long (and maybe, forever) in the place. 

With a talented team of designers, you will be enthralled as you enter the lobby of art gallery with high ceilings.  Nothing as refreshing as entering your home through elegance and tasteful interiors. There is 24-hour security monitoring so you can be assured of the property’s safety and security. You can all sleep peacefully at night, without any worries.  They also have standby power generators, fire alarm systems in place, smoke detectors and fire exits and other security features that will make you feel safe and secure all-throughout. 

First on the list is their function room – where you can celebrate in style for your special milestones in life like birthdays or weddings and even graduations and promotions. You might want to invite your relatives and friends to join you and have a great bonding time. Do your catch-ups and maybe you can take it even a level higher by engaging in some fun videoke sessions for added excitement. No need for you to look for a place for events and occasions as it is right here in your own home.  Or maybe try the outdoor bar for some clean fun, too as you chill and lounge around on Friday or Saturday nights. 

The kids would love the swimming pool, especially during summer. They can play and frolic in the water for as long as they want. Parents or their nannies can watch them over. Invite neighbors’ kids or maybe friends’ kids to join in the fun. Schedule one swimming party and bring some food as the adults cool it out with their drinks. As everyone is up for fun – you can just relax, as there is a lounge area where everyone is free to unwind and de-stress. 

The kids also have an available playground they can spend all their free time with. Isn’t it comforting to know that your children are safe in your own community? 

For the active and sporty ones, there’s a fitness gym where you can do your daily workouts – schedule group sessions with your love ones, too, so everything will be fun for the whole family. As they say, “health is wealth” so bring it on. Or maybe, try the yoga/meditation room for some yoga or Pilates sessions. 

There’s also a game room where the family members can spend their leisure time. We need to get away from it all and take a break from our daily routinary activities so spending time here will be an opportunity to create new memories. 

Or, just look out for the patio and greeneries around you so you’d feel relaxed, calm and serene as you face the days ahead of you. Walk or jog around. Nothing is as refreshing as doing this everyday while in your own neighborhood. 

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